Want to make free bitcoin ?

You have come to the right place! The way I will present to you already exists  Several years and helped me and a great many people earn a great many coins  Free digital .

So to the Japanese  For starters I want to give you the benefits of this method:

1: It will not destroy your computer / cell phone  With the help of mining.

2: It is possible to do the method through the cell phone  Yours does not have to through the computer

3: The method works for several years with countless proofs  Every day to withdraw the coins and transfer them to the digital wallet  Yours.

4: You are going to earn a number of coins and you can convert them all for free and without Bitcoin fees.

(Or alternatively pull the coins into your wallet)

5: You do not have to spend hours and hours on it it can  Take 5 minutes a day and you will still earn!

The complete guide that will help you earn digital currencies including Bitcoin from today  :

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the CoinPot website  - This is basically a site that serves as a digital wallet and with its help you can start collecting the coins from several different sites that will send you directly to the wallet. And then you can transfer the coins you have accumulated to any other wallet you want.

Website link :  https://coinpot.co/


Now with the email you signed up for the CoinPot site you sign up for all of the following sites: ( It is important that it be the same email otherwise you will not receive payment for the site )

Link to the first site :   http://moondash.co.in/?ref=223975AFC89D A site that brings you Dash coins can be collected every 5 minutes from the site

Link to the second site: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=45602EFCEE18  A site that brings you coins  Lite Coin can be collected every 5 minutes from the site

Link to the third site:  http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=3218C363E3B2   A site that brings you Doge coins can be collected every 5 minutes from the site  

Link to the fourth site:  http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=BA090B40EC3B  A site that brings you coins  Bitcoin can be collected every 15 minutes from the site

Link to the fifth site:  http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=0EF5B3E79284  A site that brings you coins  Bitcoin can be collected every 5 minutes from the site

Link to the sixth site:  http://bitfun.co/?ref=6FCABDA4D7F9  A site that brings you Bitcoin coins can be collected every 15 minutes from the site

Link to the seventh site:  http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=A032B5F4275F  A site that brings you Bitcoin cash coins can be collected every 5 minutes from the site

Link to bonus site  :  https://freebitco.in/?r=10338968  This is a site that is not related to CoinPot but it is a good site from which you can collect Bitcoin coins every hour.

Eventually your Hank will start to look like this: (of course with smaller amounts at first)

A video I made for a Japanese number of years, is not the most up to date and recommend watching it only if you do not understand something.



Important tips!

1: Every time you collect coins no matter which site you get 3 Tokens from - this is basically a type of Coinpot site coin and the Tokens you earn you can convert to any other coin you want! In addition you get Token 1 from anyone who registers through them and collects coins himself.

2: It will show you at the beginning that you will earn quite a bit of coins because you need to accumulate seniority in the sites. All sites have something called  Loyalty bonus This means that every day you collect coins from a particular site you get 1% extra to the amount of coins you have collected. After 100 days you will have a 100% bonus to the amount of coins you collect each time.

That is why it is very important !!! Collect at least once every day otherwise this bonus will be reset and start again from 0. It is advisable to put an alert for a certain hour so as not to forget, it takes 5 minutes to collect from all the sites together.

3: As there is a bonus of  Loyalty bonus There is a bonus of   referrals

Every site you visit will have a button of  referrals that as soon as you click on it, you will receive a personal link from which everyone who registers will receive 50%.  From every collection of coins he makes forever + 1% bonus for every day he is constant, that is, if you have 100 people who signed up through you and they collect coins every day, you will receive a 100% Referrals bonus

4: There is something called  This Mystery Bonus  An additional bonus that can reach up to 100% but it is something random and uncontrollable  

5:  Even if you feel at first that you are getting quite a few coins

(Until you get all the bonuses)  Do not give up and think long term, currently the value of Bitcoin is 35k and I believe it will increase more as soon as you read the guide, so it is important that you continue to collect as much as possible  Coins that their value only goes up and there are people who believe that satoshi 1 is going to be worth 1 dollar in the future.

6: You are probably asking yourself how the site makes money and why it distributes coins to you for free . So that way there are a lot of advertisements on the sites from which you collect coins so it is very important to disable all the plugins that neutralize advertisements on these sites otherwise it will not let you collect coins  , From time to time you click on the Claim button it will take them to an advertisement site, do not get excited just go back and click on Claim again the second time it works safe. This is how the site actually makes money by people who click on advertisements for them.

7: The value of the coins you receive from time to time changes according to the exchange rate of the currency, the lower the currency the more you will receive, the higher the currency you will receive the less. So do not get excited if the amount varies it should not interest you in the long run.

8: For any questions you can contact me on Facebook and I will try to help you soon - Link to my Facebook profile -  https://www.facebook.com/alex.shviedkey