Escape Room At home - now you can enjoy an Escape Room directly from your home , at a great price

חדר בריחה בבית אתגר הפירמידה

The benefits of an escape room from home

Great price

The price ranges from NIS 40 to NIS 50

Depends on the number of participants

Open 24/7

It is possible to play the game at any time you want

Suitable for corona days

No meeting with anyone during the game, it is possible to play with people who are isolated in other homes

Mandatory cooperation

Have you ever been in an escape room and felt that you were not contributing? So with us it is just the opposite! You will not be able to advance in the game without the cooperation of all team members

Image by Gabriel Benois

The Pyramid is an online puzzle game that takes place directly from your home ! The game

Suitable for three teams . Each team can be one person, a couple, a family or a group

       The adult recommendation is that each team should not include more than 2-3 people

The crews split into three tracks in the pyramid - the red track, the green track , and the blue track . In each of the puzzles, each of the teams receives only some of the information. In order to advance in the game, the teams must maintain communication and work collaboratively, on a journey to the end of the pyramid. Because each team has its own information, it is possible to play the game with people who are in other physical locations, via Zoom / Skype / any other similar platform that is convenient for players. The length of the game varies from team to team, and usually ranges over the hour and a half. The game incorporates hints for all the puzzles, in order to allow a smooth flow of the experience.

If you are a company that wants to hold a multiplayer escape room game in your office or through a zoom from home you can create such events up to an unlimited number of players. Additional information can be obtained by telephone