Fun days for employees

Fun days for employees is an important and recommended activity for maintaining a pleasant and cohesive work environment. From time to time, it is advisable to take employees to clear their heads of work and fill up with energy accumulations that may have weakened over time. It is advisable to take the employees to a group and consolidating activity that involves collaboration between all employees together and not in particular. It is important that the experience they have on the fun day be very enjoyable and will raise the morale and smile in each member of the group. Choosing an escape room is a great option that includes both teamwork and maximum enjoyment.

Why choose escape rooms for fun days for  employees ?

Escape rooms are the perfect attraction to provide you with the fun day your employees need. An escape room is a room with 2 to 10 participants. Participants enter another world with their own rules, within the room they will need to collaborate, exercise thinking and logic in order to succeed in solving the puzzles and tasks they face. Each puzzle they solve will give them immense satisfaction and move them forward towards the solution of the room. If speaking in a large group of employees they can split up in a wide variety of rooms and compete with each other.

Why choose RunAway for your employees' fun days?

After deciding that you want to choose an escape room as a fun day for your employees, it's time to choose the escape room that best suits your lineup. Each escape room tells its own story with a different and unique experience of its own. It is advisable to ask employees which category they prefer, do they want a funny escape room? Either a room escape room, or they want a fantasy room escape.

After knowing the personal preferences of the employees, it's time to choose the company from which to book your escape room.

Today there are more than 200 different companies in the country with different rooms. We are pleased to announce that RunAway is one of the leading escape room companies in the country. The company has been active for several years with complexes spread throughout the Sharon area.

Our rooms are quality, technological, challenging and fun rooms built on teamwork and collaboration. The company has extensive experience running fun days and events for employees in the past and can advise you on any request or question you encounter during the booking and until the end of the activity.