Escape rooms in Sharon

Ranaway is the largest escape room chain in the Sharon area, which has been running escape rooms for years and our expertise is to provide you with a special, unique and most importantly memorable and fun experience.

Escape rooms in Sharon

Step one - is to check which location is best for you in terms of comfort. There are a variety of escape rooms spread throughout the Sharon area, all of our rooms are centrally located in the city with private parking and plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues after the room.


Step two - Who are you going to reach the escape room with? If you have a family that wants to come with children, it is advisable to choose an escape room that is suitable for children. We have a large number of escape rooms that are suitable for children and they take an active part in solving the puzzles and enjoy being part of the group. If you are a group of friends who want a room that is scary or scary or you even have a funny and rough room here, you can find escape rooms here to fulfill your desires.


Step Three - Check availability of the rooms on convenient days and hours for all team members, it is advisable to schedule a game as early as possible so that you do not occupy the room and the time they are comfortable on a convenient date.

The Sharon Escape Rooms are a very popular attraction that gets hundreds of groups a month and you often have a great demand for them. Therefore, it is advisable to book an escape room as soon as you know the date that is convenient for everyone and once you know that date is available on the site's reservation system.


For any questions or requests you are welcome to contact us at one of the telephone numbers on the website and we will be happy to assist you.