Building an escape room - how does it work?

The process of building an escape room is very different between the room and the creator, but the big steps are-


1. Business Plan- Choosing a place to build the room (size will affect the number of attendees that can
To enter at the same time, but also on your fixed expenses.), Decide on the budget you have
For the benefit of the room (usually several hundred thousand shekels), choosing a strategic city to build the room,
It's worthwhile in your living environment, there are plenty of bounces from the moment to relax to the room, and more.

2. Choosing the motif for the room, a market survey of what exists (there are loads of pirate rooms / serial killers / bank robbers in the country,

You should make sure no one thought of the idea before you), find a story that people will connect with and do with

Cool stuff in terms of decor / puzzles. And it might as well be something you love, you're going to live inside the room

This in the next couple of years (hopefully).

3. Writing the script- Oh! The interesting and tough part! Now you have to take the motif you have chosen and succeed in building a story with an evolving plot, riddles that fit the story and an aerial design that suits every stage and of course there will also be fun and there will be plenty of moments for the actors to stop and say "wow".

4. Building the actual room - the real thing. You've written a script, Ahla. Now it's time to put it into practice. Understand how the hell to make the puzzle that looked so cool on the page in such a way that it will be easy to operate for players, easy to repair for you, also stand up to players who decide to use "a little" too much physical strength and do not cost NIS 100,000 for production. Then you also have to find the technical and decorative parts that are related to this puzzle, and then also produce it in practice. Many times it also includes working with carpenters / locksmiths / designers / electronic / engineers etc.
Great, now do the same to the twenty extra puzzles in the room.

Of course, we have not yet talked about the room's electrical infrastructure, speakers, cameras, microphones and other such fun things and everything needs to be connected to the operator's room so that the operator can monitor the players and sometimes help them operate things remotely.

Then there are only the closures of the decor and that's it, ready. Easy, isn't it?

5. Running - You built the room, hoping it would really take about an hour and the players to understand what you thought they would understand from the puzzles and references you put into the original story and especially that they would enjoy the process. Oh, and it should also suit people that this is their first escape room, but also for people who made 200+ rooms, and for adults only, and for children only, and birthdays and marriage and marriage events and .. And ...
How do you know it really happened? Running!
About a week - two weeks of everyone you've ever known in your life who comes to play in the game. Your puzzles will always look the most understandable in the world, but no one will be able to solve or puzzles that you thought were fun but actually people suffer. Then go back to the script again and change and build more puzzles. Then what to do? More runs of course!


And that's it! You have a room ready! Congratulations! But the easy part is actually behind you, now you also have to manipulate it .... But we'll talk about that next time 😊