Escape rooms in Herzliya

The escape rooms in our complex in Herzliya are some of the most invested and crazy rooms currently in the country.

Each room was built with high financial investment with a drop in detail in every possible parameter, from invested and realistic décor to soundtrack bomber and custom puzzles to each room.

You only have to decide and choose which escape room in Herzliya you want to play?

Recommended escape rooms in Herzliya

Escape rooms in Herzliya will provide you with an exceptional and unique escape experience that will leave a taste of more

In our escape room complex you will find challenging, fun, and escape rooms that are tailored to each group personally and specially while changing levels of difficulty during the game.

Escape rooms are recommended

If you choose to play with us in one of the escape rooms in Herzliya you will know that you are in good hands! All of our rooms on the net are very invested and very high level, and they were built with great love for the escape rooms in the country. We thought of every little detail within the room to provide you with such a perfect experience that you will continue to talk about it as well. From the story of the rooms and the sound to the riddles and decor that went down to the smallest details and the finest finish available today in the escape room market in Israel.

How to choose an escape room in Herzliya?

Once you've realized that you're in good hands, it's time to know how to choose an escape room that fits your lineup.

We have a variety of rooms suitable for children, adults, families, and birthdays and events.

You just have to choose which adventure you want to get sucked into, do you want a roomy / creepy room that will leave you in tension or fear throughout the room? The spell of the dead will deliver the goods.

Do you have a funny room that will make you laugh? Rick and Morty's escape room will meet the demand.

Love the successful Netflix series of weird things? Think you're brave enough to enter the opposite world? This room is perfect for you.