The escape rooms in Ra'anana

RunAway Raanana Escape Rooms are the most invested, original, and fun escape rooms that exist today in Raanana. The complex has 2 challenging escape rooms that are suitable for all groups and all ages, including an escape room accessed by wheelchairs and deaf people.

Our escape rooms have been built with the desire to help the small populations in society that do not always get what they deserve. With them, they will be able to enjoy an especially accessible escape room for them, with custom puzzles throughout the game and in progress.

Special escape rooms

The escape rooms in our complex in Raanana are special rooms that you will not find anywhere else in the country!

The Escape Room of the Wonder Cave in Ra'anana gives you a real cave with treasures that await you only,

There are rumors that there are even Ginny who are wishing inside the cave.

Peter Pan's Escape Room in Ra'anana is not an ordinary escape room, a magical fairy-tale room that will put you in Peter Pan's shoes, will you be able to find Tinkerbell's Fairy Powder? And stay young forever.

How to choose an escape room in Raanana?

If you came here a sign that you made the right choice, there are a wide variety of escape rooms in Raanana, but you won't find escape rooms like we have anywhere else. Although escape rooms are the subject of fairy tales and children's movies but are not really escape rooms for children only, adults too will enjoy our variety of rooms in Raanana. All rooms are adapted for both children and adults with different and varying levels of difficulty according to the group's composition.