What is an escape room  

Ever hear of escape rooms you have to go to?

You see ads for Skype Romes everywhere but not sure what it is?

For that we prepared the short article (promise to be brief) to explain - what is an escape room at all?


An escape room is a type of leisure attraction for groups that have gained great momentum in the world and in recent years has also permeated our small country.

Most escape rooms will take you into a story / movie / legend based room with a single purpose - to escape

From the room within 60 minutes.


The escape room will usually be designed based on the story it is based on and most of the room's name will imply content (for example: a room called the "New York serial killer" probably won't suit those looking for an escape room for families with children)


Most escape rooms include a few smaller rooms, the way to move between them and move forward by solving puzzles in out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration.

Each room has different and varied puzzles that can be simple boxes with a lock to complex electronic mechanisms that you never imagined would be in an escape room.


Escape rooms are suitable for a variety of events - fun evening with friends, family entertainment, date with spouse, birthday celebration, socializing day and even marriage proposals.


And in case you are worried, you will not be left alone inside the room. 😉 Every room has an operator whose job is to make sure your experience is the best you can and maintain the room's integrity.


If our explanation intrigues you and makes you want to go to an escape room - welcome to take a look at our rooms, escape rooms in Ra'anana or our escape rooms in Herzliya.

Hope our short article (did we promise or didn't we promise?) Helped a bit!

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