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Take a break from the routine and come into a magical world and another reality you have never experienced before. It's time to spend time in each of our escape rooms scattered around the Sharon, escape rooms in Ra'anana and Herzliya, it's time to go out! Choose your next experience now!


Why choose us?

A family business set up for fun, focusing on your fun

Suitable for birthdays, bachelor parties, grouping events and more

Another reality with different laws that will force you to think outside the box!

Suitable for large and small groups, families, friends, couples and more!

You can choose a difficulty level from the level of families, beginners and advanced to tailor the experience to you

The Wonder Cave is accessible to wheelchairs, pregnant women and the hearing impaired. At least one participant with no wheelchair in the group is required


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Escaped Rum specifically tailored for you

Our expertise is to provide you with a perfect experience that you don't want to end, for that we tailor the Skype Room specifically to your level and composition! If you are a family who wants to come with children we will adjust the level of difficulty so that even the smallest children can participate in the experience and enjoy as much as you. If you are experienced and have already moved to a number of escape rooms in the past, you are invited to enjoy particularly challenging levels of difficulty that will trigger your thinking and creativity.

escape room for kids

Ranaway has been specializing in the operation of children's escape rooms for several years. If this is your children's first escape room, it is advisable to prepare them in advance for the experience to explain that there is always a way out and that it is just a game designed for fun. If you are aware of specific children's fears (darkness, claustrophobia, etc.), it is advisable to consult our staff who are knowledgeable.

Celebrate with us!

Runaway escape rooms in Herzliya offers you an event that will not stop talking about. Escape game, pizza, snacks, drinks, decorations and amazing atmosphere in a private event room.
A birthday or event for all ages, a birthday for kids in the best escape rooms, and even older ones for the age and escape experience. You can celebrate from ages 8 to 120.
In addition, you can celebrate with us a bachelorette party, a marriage proposal, and a meeting.
Our rooms are also suitable for a large number of participants - large groups, eight-person escape rooms, ten people, and large groups of families and families in a split between Ranawi's escape rooms.

You can get a quote for an event on the site!

בואו לעבוד אצלנו

אנחנו מחפשים מפעיל/ה לחדרי הבריחה שלנו!

רצוי בעל/ת ניסיון בחדרי בריחה ובשירות לקוחות.

העבודה במשמרות גמישות בעיקר בסופי שבוע.
גילאי 18+ מתאים מאוד לסטודנטים וחיילים.

אנחנו מחפשים עובדים!


Let's talk!

Fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Come to play!

Our Address - Bar Ilan 12 Herzliya
We are also available on 0535301120 / 0543156777
We are available by phone from 10am and we will be happy to help and answer everything!
Always reply on

Games can be ordered in the following hours:

Sunday-Wednesday 9:30a.m. to 1:30p.m.
Thursdays-Saturdays 9:30a.m. to 3:00p.m.
Don't forget to pre-order a game via the website or by phone.
We only open according to pre-arranged orders.



12 Bar Ilan Street Herzliya


Want to come play?

Sunday-Wednesday 9:30am-1:30 pm
Thursday-Saturday 9:30am-3:00pm
We are available by phone from 10am

Don't forget to book a game in advance!

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